Being our guest means that you accept The Regulation.

1. You are kindly asked to show your ID upon the check-in. Please choose a representative, the person responsible for all your companions. It is required to choose one representative for each cottage / cabin.

2. Payment should be settled before the „cottage night”.

3. It is possible to book a cottage or cottages – 30%of the total rental amount  is required as a prepayment/ deposit.

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Firma Usługowa Stanisław Heichel
Brzegi Dolne 28B
38-700 Ustrzyki Dolne  

4. The „cottage night” lasts 21-22 hours. It can be negotiated.

5. You are able to cancel your reservation 55 days prior to your arrival date.

6. Cancellation made less than 55 days prior to check-in date will forfeit the deposit paid.

7. You must be at least 18 years of age to rent a cottage / cabin.

8. Parents and guardians are responsible for safety of their accompanying children and young adults (under 18) throughout the stay.

9. Take off your shoes before you get on the trampoline to keep it clean for other tenants.

10. Trampoline weight limit is 100 kg.

11. Barbecuing and lighting a fire is allowed only in places provided.

12. Smoking or consuming other addictive substances is strictly forbidden.

13. The price for the cottage includes renting fee for 5 bicycles. (5 for each cottage).

14.. The first lighting of a fire place is conducted by Staff. After being instructed you can do it yourself. Remember that you are responsible for using fireplace in a safe manner especially if children or pets stay with you. They can be burned easily as the fireplace and it’s equipment stay hot. We are not responsible for burns.

15. Never leave a fire unattended. Do not go out when there is a gleam of fire.

16. Inappropriate, abusive or unsafe behavior is not permitted. The person who does not obey this rule must check-out immediately without a refund.

17. Infants and toddlers under 3 years old sleeping with the parent/s are free of charge.

18. You will be charged for Any damage to the Settlement’s property caused by you or by your guest. In this case, the payment should be settled before chock-out.

19The representative is the person to be charged for Any damage to our property.

20. Please, let us know that you are leaving: the Staff must be present during check-out.

21. Settlement is not liable for lost or left behind personal items. Mentioned items will be kept for collection by owner up to 3 months. Contact us to adjust the way of collection.

22. Please, do not appropriate: toilet paper, bulbs, paintings, towels or other equipment. If there is something that catches your attention, we understand and appreciate it – ask our staff where you can buy the same thing.

23 We are not responsible for any items left behind in your car. The Parking area is not guarded.

24. Park your car in the area pointed at by our staff.

25. Pet Policy: please let us know that you travel with your pet before you book a cottage.

26. Please put rubbish in bins provided.

27. It is forbidden to devastate trees, grass and plants.

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